Testing Your Alarm System

Testing your alarm system is important.
Periodic testing is essential to ensure the proper function of your Certified Alarms system. We suggest testing your system each month. Please be sure to notify our Monitoring Station prior to testing by calling 225-271-3436. Provide your account number and personal pass-code and notify the dispatcher that you will testing your system.
To thoroughly test your system, it is important to test the signals within your home as well as testing the signal from your home to our monitoring center. If you have an owner’s manual,follow the system test procedures provided in the manual. If not, you can download your manual from our System Manuals page or the following test procedures should apply to most alarm systems.

Procedure for testing the operation of all door and window contacts, and motion detectors in your home or business.
  1. Verify that the system is in “READY” mode. Do not arm it!
  2. Open each protected door or window, one at a time.
  3. Check that the keypad displays the door or window you are testing is open.
  4. Close the respective door or window. The keypad should display.
  5. Repeat this procedure for each sensor in the system.

Procedure for testing the signal transmission from your home or business to our Monitoring Station.
  1. If you have not already done so, call our Monitoring Station at 225-271-3436 and ask that your system be placed in “TEST” mode. Be prepared to give your monitoring account number and password to the dispatcher.
  2. Arm your system and wait a full 60 seconds to allow all entry/exit delay time to expire.
  3. Set your system off by opening a door or window, or by tripping a motion detector. Allow the alarm to sound for at least one minute.
  4. Turn off your system and reset it to “READY” mode.
  5. Call our Monitoring Station (225-271-3436) and identify yourself with your confidential account number or password. Verify the signal was received by the Monitoring Station.
  6. Advise the dispatcher you completed your system test and to take your system off test mode.
If you have additional questions regarding testing your system CLICK HERE to request a call.