Certified Alarms System Battery Replacement

How do I get the right battery replacement for my alarm system?
When looking to purchase a new replacement battery for your alarm, it is important that you get a battery that matches the specification of the one you are replacing. First check your alarm system manual or wiring diagram for the type of battery. If you don’t have either of those, then check the front of the battery you are replacing for rating information. The three things to consider when looking for a replacement battery for your alarm system are voltage, dimensions, and AH(amp hour) rating. The amp hour rating should match or exceed your old battery – please note that a higher capacity battery with the same voltage and dimensions will actually run your alarm system longer during a power outage.
How do I change a Certified Alarms Home Security System Back-Up Battery?
Read the System Manual
The first step is to locate the system manual to look up what type of battery your system requires and for wiring instructions. Always obtain a replacement battery that meets the manufacturer’s specifications outlined in the system manual and/or on the wiring diagram.
After referring to System Manual and purchasing the correct battery, the next step is to find the location of your security systems housing panel.Typical locations for this panel would be closets, laundry rooms, and other discrete but accessible locations in the house. Once the panel to your home security system has been found, remove the cover to gain full access to the alarm battery compartment.
Call our Monitoring Station to Place Your System in “Test” Mode
Before replacing the battery, please be sure to notify our Monitoring Station prior by calling 225-271-3436. Provide your account number and personal pass-code and notify the dispatcher that you will replacing your battery and to put your system in “Test” mode.
Open Control Panel Unplug Box and Disconnect the Old Battery
To be safe and avoid running electricity through the cables, unplug the power supply to the main panel (careful not to touch it to the circuit board or enclosure). Disconnect the battery from the circuit board. Usually the units are color coded red and black for positive and negative connections.
Install Your New Battery
Install the new battery into the compartment inside the panel. Please pay close attention to reattach the cables to the battery just as they were removed, red to red, black to black. Be sure to close the control panel.
Call Monitoring Station to Remove Your System from “Test” Mode
After replacing your battery, please remember to call our Monitoring Station at 225-271-3436 and advise the dispatcher that you have replaced your battery and to remove your system from “Test” mode.
If you’d like to schedule a call from one of our service technicians to walk you through the battery replacement process, please Click Here


Alarm System Panel


Open Alarm System Panel with

Circuit Board and Battery


Battery Disconnected From

Circuit Board

Where Can I Get My Battery?


One of the many benefits of choosing Certified Alarms is that we are accessible, available, and part of your neighborhood. You can stop by and pick up your battery at our local office at 1113 Florida Blvd. SE, Denham Springs, LA 70727.

12 Volts
5 Amps

12 Volts
8 Amps