Fire Protection Services in Baton Rouge & Surrounding Areas

Certified Alarms has provided commercial and industrial organizations with comprehensive fire detection and suppression services for nearly 25 years.  We provide sales, inspections, maintenance and installation services for fire alarms, sprinklers and suppression systems.  Our priority is to keep your facility protected from fire, so that you can concentrate on building your business.
Certified Alarms offers the following fire protection services:
  • Fire Alarm System: sales, installation, maintenance and 24 hour local monitoring
  • Fire Sprinkler System: sales, installation, maintenance and regular inspection
  • Fire Suppression System: sales, installation, maintenance and regular inspection
It is vitally important that your smoke alarm system reacts quickly and accurately.  Your business needs a fire alarm system that will protect the occupants and provide first responders with critical information so that lives and possessions can be saved.

Certified Alarms’ NICET certified technicians will install an alarm that provides you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you meet acceptable safety standards and are prepared for actual fire emergencies. Our alarm systems are monitored locally, in our UL Listed, CSAA Five Diamond certified monitoring station, which protects you and your business 24/7/365.

We are dedicated to the safety of your property, possessions and employees.  Our highly qualified technicians will perform regular inspections and maintenance services to ensure proper operation of your alarm system.


Our fire sprinkler systems work in tandem with our alarm systems.  In the rare event of a fire, the initial alarm is intended to notify occupants and first responders immediately, so that the building can be vacated, but in order to maintain the highest level of safety for occupants and first responders, as well as the integrity of your building, it is imperative to have the kind of first class sprinkler system that Certified Alarms provides.  Our sprinkler systems activate early and are designed to contain and suffocate a fire, diminishing the hazardous gases that can accumulate, thus saving lives and decreasing potential damage to property and data.Certified Alarms will design a system that provides you the peace of mind of knowing that your people and property are safeguarded.


Fire suppressions services take that extra step to ensure highly sensitive and irreplaceable products will not suffer water damage. Your irreplaceable documents and records necessitate the highest level of protection. Clean agent suppressions systems diminish the possibility of damage to your vital documents by using fire suppression gases instead of water.Certified Alarms technicians will install, service and inspect your custom designed waterless fire suppression system.

Certified Alarms is Louisiana’s trusted source for commercial and industrial fire protection services. You can be sure you will work directly with a NICET certified technician from Certified Alarms for all of your fire detection and suppression needs. Contact us today for all of your fire protection needs at

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