Baton Rouge Wireless Security Systems from Certified Alarms
Whether you’re renting or you’ve purchased a home that makes a wired security system unpractical, wireless security systems from Certified Alarms are the perfect solution for your home security needs.  Wireless security systems have become a popular choice of home owners because of their ease of installation and because of their portability.  Wireless security systems from Certified Alarms have all the power and protection of a wired security system so choosing to go with a wireless security system should be made with confidence.  For the best wireless security systems in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas go with Certified Alarms.

Simple Installation

Wireless security systems can be installed with the utmost of ease. No drilling, cutting holes or running wires is needed.


Wireless security systems have sensors and detectors that are battery operated and the control panel has a battery backup.

Ease of Use

Wireless security systems are easy to provide the ability to control your appliances with Zwave technology.


Wireless security systems are expandale to allow additional wireless sensors and wireless motion detectors to be added as needed.


Remodeling? You don’t have to worry about wires holding you back. Move your wireless security system sensors wherever you need them.


When you move, your wireless security system moves with you. Your investment is not left behind – it continues to protect you at your new home.

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